Who is Ancestral Vril?

It began with my journey into becoming based and most definitely redpilled. That was when I started lifting weights and got on the path of virtue which got me to confess Lord Jesus Christ is God, King of kings.

I've got information to share because I started noticing things about globohomo like destroying Western culture and the sheer hatred they harbor towards Christianity.

They do this by distributing pornography which weakens the men by demoralizing them.

Weaken the men, weaken the nation.

My endgame is to wake up millions of chads around to globe to revolt against this international cabal of pedophiles.

We can change the course of history if we start with ourselves first.

It starts with:

  • Finding God
  • Consistently lifting weights
  • An ancestral diet
  • No casual sex/porn/masturbation
  • Taking full ownership
  • Stoic mindset
  • Holistic lifestyle
  • Mastering your vices

The overwhelming majority of the global population suffers from bad physiognomy. Look at our world leaders, especially Western politicians. They look feminine, emasculated, and creepy.

It's because they are ugly on the inside and this shapes their physiognomy. You can't hide the inside from the outside.

By living a life of virtue and integrity you shape the beauty of yourself and those around you are inspired by your example. This is how we will win in the end because every good deed holds the darkness at bay.

Final note:

If you're reading this, you have probably resisted the most vicious and ruthless form of psychological warfare in the history of mankind.

You wanted to be kept alone but globohomo came knocking on your door demanding you stab yourself with an experimental poison. Grooming you to consume the latest trend of degeneracy. Brainwashing your kids into the alphabet agenda.

The end times might be near or not but I am not going to sit silent and let them rape our culture. With this newsletter, I aim to inspire you and take action against the forces of evil.

Your brothers, sisters, family, and children count on you.