Bodybuilding side effects.

Bodybuilding side effects.

There is too much emphasis on the obvious benefits of lifting iron.

Yes, you get jacked and look absolutely aesthetic when you take it seriously, eat healthily, etc.

Nothing wrong with achieving those things but these results fluctuate throughout your life. Eventually, your muscles will become smaller, your vitality will decrease as you get older.

Old age aside, there are periods where you lose motivation, simply lack the time and effort, or become injured which sets you back months from where you started.

When you lose your peak aesthetic form and PR strength, it could have a depressing effect when you compare yourself to that time.

But bodybuilding is more than that.

Bodybuilding is an ancient art. A gift from God.

No matter who you are, where you are in life. You can walk into any gym and just pick up the weights to pull you up from whatever state of mind you´re in.

If you can´t think your way out of a situation, you should simply pick up weights.

There is no better way to gain mental clarity than throwing iron around.

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