Christianity and racial reality.

Christianity and racial reality.

Race is either completely ignored by Christians or overblown by secular political streams.

It's the one thing virtually none can have a sincere discussion about. You can't say nigger anymore, not even in an unattached academic sense. Very few can detach themselves from the race they're born with to discuss genetic differences which could influence certain behavioral patterns.

I believe race should be discussed sincerely in spite of being called a racist. It would only prove my point that they're scared it might reveal unpleasant realities.

And so what?

It's not the be-all and end-all.

Ultimately, your heart and actions define your character but today I'm going to dive into how race might affect your actions.

Wikipedia's definition of race:

Race is a categorization of humans based on shared physical or social qualities into groups generally viewed as distinct within a given society.

The definition of race went through multiple changes. In the 16th century, it was used to refer to various groups, not based on biology.

In the 17th century, it referred to phenotypical traits. Features you were born with.

I believe it's safe to say that race is definitely based on biological reality, just like how we can categorize different races within the same species, such as dogs.

It's not entirely fair to compare humans to dogs racially because dogs have no free will. Although, it's certainly a fact that various dog races behave differently from each other. Such is the case with humans.

Ultimately, humans can't entirely credit or blame race for behaving a certain way because God gave us a soul. All humans are accountable for their actions contrary to animals.

Comparing world views.

On the most liberal side of Christians are the ''one race, the human race'' types who believe that race is simply decorative, purely skin color. That only your faith truly matters.

While I agree with the last point, I think it's too simplistic because there are many factors that influence your actions.

On the opposite end are Christians convinced that only whites are the descendants of Adam and that all the 'brown' races have no chance of redemption. They are damned from the start because of their muddled blood.

The general Christian perspective is that race is irrelevant to your salvation.

Behavioral tendencies.

We shouldn't ignore how Oriental races fared much better culturally wise compared to Amazonian tribes. Or how pagan Romans constructed aqueducts and the Colosseum, while Negroids in West Africa lived in mud huts.

Not all Negroids lived like that and not all Romans were sophisticated aristocrats, but we can see a trend in the various races. How they would generally act without the teachings of Christ.

Look at this graph showing you that race can be genetically categorized. You can't tell me race doesn't have some effect on behavior based on genetic studies.

Were European barbarians wholly savage?

Dr. E. Michael Jones has a take on this, but I have to disagree with some points. He claims that Christianity taught the Germanic barbarians how to work. Without Christianity, they'd still be chasing pigs in the forest.

Yes, Christianity elevated Germany to unprecedented levels, but they weren't completely ignorant of efficient working methods.

The Germans were fierce in battle, their women chaste and virtuous, and the chiefs led by example. They were a formidable force even for the 'civilized' Romans. This implies that the Germans used tactics and strategies, far from the barbaric image Dr. Jones paints.

Caesar's comments on the Britons.

Julius Caesar's account of the Britons is also evidence of ''barbarians'' using advanced tactics in battle. Further, proves that a Caucasian race without Christianity knew about sophisticated war tactics, trade, and construction.

The island has a large population, with many buildings constructed after the fashion of the Gauls, and abounds in flocks. For money they use either gold coins or bars of iron of a certain weight. - Julius Caesar

Britons took the Romans by surprise with hit-and-run chariot tactics. Never been seen before by the Romans, hence why Caesar took note of it. Britannia was a country shrouded in mystery and tales of barbarism yet what the Romans saw was in some aspects not much different from their own culture.

At first the charioteers ride in all directions, usually throwing the ranks into confusion by the very terror caused by the horses, as well as the noise of the wheels. - Julius Caesar

Bushido and Christlike teachings.

Feudal Japan is another example of high culture without Christ. Bushido permeates Japanese society. It's the way of the Samurai. Politeness, honor, and manners evolved to a state that was on par with the Christian knights.

The Bushido code of Japan is still the modus operandi of contemporary Japanese and a far cry from being a complete savage. Is Bushido perfect? No, but Bushido does teach some Christlike virtues, such as compassion and honesty.

Bushido is quite unique compared to the rest of Asian culture. Perhaps Japanese DNA does affect their personality. Although, it's far from the defining factor of their overall behavior.

But with every example I just gave, none of them reached the perfect teachings of Christ, and you can't blame them for it. Every human is made in the image of God. The law is written on every heart, so without the revelations of Christ, we'd still be able to intuitively feel what's right and wrong.

The flaw in relying on the heart is that you have no way of knowing whether your moral judgments are objectively true.

IQ and race

Despite all races being human, some races are simply born with a lower IQ, which is indisputable according to various statistics. Environment, nutrition, and upbringing can change your IQ but genetics ultimately defines in what range you'll end up.

It bothers me when emotions shut down sincere questions about race and IQ. Even from fellow Christians. Yes, we're responsible for our behavior. We're all equal under Christ Jesus.

But why can't we entertain the thought of race having an effect on your behavior?

Look at this statistic from Wikipedia. Are we just going to ignore that race has zero effect on anything? Negroids score significantly lower than Orientals. Caucasians have a similar IQ range across the Western realm.

Asians score vastly different from each other which would suggest that 'Asian' is too broad to define someone anywhere east of Greece.

Before Christ, biology did play a bigger role in one's behavior because there was no transcendental moral anchor to dictate your actions. Our pagan ancestors relied much more on fleshly passions, even animalistic tendencies, and whatever felt like the right thing to do.

They constructed moral laws but they were arbitrary, even if they were based on gods and myths.

We used to hate and destroy one another and refused to associate with people of another race or country. Now, because of Christ, we live together with such people and pray for our enemies. - St. Justin Martyr

Pre-Christian history is the greatest case study of how race played and still plays a role in behavior. But thanks to Christ, we know better now. We can finally define objective rationality. Maybe it's a little harder to understand for slow people but that doesn't make them a lost cause. Christ can change anyone's heart.

The ancient world was brutal so we should be thankful for having a moral code i.e. Christianity to hold everyone accountable for their actions. Regardless of whether they're Caucasian or a Negroid.

Race isn't destiny as some neopagans like to believe.