Christianity isn't a political tool.

Christianity isn't a political tool.

You've probably heard Christianity is a weak religion.

Or that Christians are limp wristed ''love thy neighbor'' liberals.

Maybe you've heard Christianity doesn't work politically because we should love our enemies and forgive them. Instead, we should listen to Nietzsche because power is the only truth!

This world is the will to power—and nothing besides! - Friedrich Nietzsche

Should we be worshipping raw physical power in the form of weapons, material possessions, networks, and the strength of our muscles to defeat the globalist pedophiles then?

Those will help but we shouldn't idolize them.

Or else how are we different from the globalists who believe truth is the opinion of the powerful? The evolution theory has been propped up as the absolute truth on every matter and it shows in our lukewarm Christians and agnostic rightwing friends.

After all, everything is just a work in motion right?

There is no absolute truth. Only who carries the biggest stick right now gets a say in whatever it is.

Most evolution believers would disagree with the Nietzschean power philosophy, or reluctantly agree in a desperate attempt to be consistent with their worldview.    

Every group, person, philosopher, and politician without God shares one fundamental ideology with the super-elite and that's simply the will to power.

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