Do you truly love God?

Do you truly love God?
God is always there but it's up to man to seek Him.

Many Christians believe faith is enough to be saved.

But is it though?

How many times have you heard a friend or coworker say they believe one thing but do another? We're quick to judge them to be a hypocrite and be absolutely correct in our assessment.

Why should it be any different for your religious beliefs?

God's mercy makes it possible to be forgiven for all your sins. That is true and proven in the Bible when Jesus told the prostitute woman to ''sin no more''.

But that doesn't mean you can abuse some kind of loophole to sin again.

He didn't say: you're forgiven but you can do sin sometimes.

He didn't say: Keep being you and I will save you last minute.

He didn't say: Go find yourself, forget about me but you're still saved.

You see, true love for God means you truly want to follow his law. Believing in God because you're forced to follow a set of rules isn't a genuine belief. It's not love. Living with this mindset is like being a timebomb. You reluctantly act virtuously but soon you will explode in sin because your heart isn't truly repentant.

Our Lord is not a God of confusion and vague intentions. If you think otherwise, you've been deceived.

Jesus Christ is very clear in what He wants for you.

And that is eternal salvation by confessing He is God. Reading up your Bible. Doing works in Christ and setting your full heart on God. In secular terms: a complete paradigm shift.

Of course, you'll fall in this life. Countless times. Every day actually. It's normal because you're still a fallen creature but that doesn't mean you've got the freedom to do evil.

Falling in this way is like a child accidentally stumbling while playing outside.

Falling willingly is diabolical and the fastest way to Hell.

To consciously do evil means you don't even want God. You want Satan. Here's an even stronger case: you will not be able to endure God's love because your heart is unrepentant. You have chosen the world. The road to hell is paved with the skulls of fake believers.

Recently I've confessed the Eastern Orthodox Church to be God's true church. The church doesn't pander to modernism and woke garbage. You abide by its laws or you're out. That's clarity.

As a Christian, I want to let go of worldly baggage. In my heart, I feel I'm tired of temporary concerns. The time to enter God's eternal world is now.

Open your heart and mind to Orthodox theology and everything makes sense. Human nature, suffering, our purpose, and biblical events. It's coherent.

Without this theology, confusion will be inevitable.

I will be attending my first Orthodox Mass this Sunday in a Russian church.

My prayers are with you, fren.

Love God with all your heart.