Eat like a dog.

Eat like a dog.

Nutrition is made confusing and there are many grifters trying to sell you a certain type of lifestyle.

  • Veganism.
  • Carnivore.
  • Detox juicing
  • Plant-based.
  • Keto.

Let's simplify this.

Obviously, a diet centered around meat works for literally everyone. The problem is diets centered around ideology. Vegans who tell you they can't eat meat simply lack the zinc to digest meat in the stomach. Or are plain retarded and psyopped. Usually the latter.

Many ask me in DMs what food to eat when I speak of ancestral foods.

It's really simple.

Ancestral foods sound gimmicky but you have to simply use your logic. It's more like a thinking strategy, rather than a diet or lifestyle.

Just ask yourself, what didn't exist 200 years ago as food and drink?

And, ''Did my ancestors eat this on a regular basis?''

Ethnicity plays a role in what you're likely going to tolerate. What you're thriving on. Also, keeps the tradition of your ancestor's cuisine alive but I digress.

99% of what you see in the supermarket, regard it as literally trash. Worse than trash. Don't feed it your dog even. I'm speaking of the products containing ingredients rather than foods that are ingredients.

For example:


  • Beef, pork, chicken, eggs.
  • Raw milk, honey.
  • Potatoes, rice.
  • Fruits, carrots, broccoli.

Globohomo poison:

  • Processed sugary diary.
  • Oat, soy, almond milk.
  • Highly processed meats.
  • ''Food'' not seen in nature

Our food has been genetically modified over the years. So it isn't possible to eat exactly what your ancestors ate. But you should strive to get as close as possible.

Now you and I are different in what we like to eat and tolerate well. Beef is best for me but turkey might suit you better. You have to experiment with this yourself. Don't like cow milk? Try goat milk. Can't digest carrots well? Try broccoli. On and on.

In any case, stick to these without added ingredients:

  • Meat
  • Dairy, eggs
  • Rice or potatoes
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

Always cook in butter, ghee and coconut oil. Never use Teflon pans.

Once you got this down, you must stick to it as your default routine.

Yes, you can eat out once in a while but now you don't have to worry about getting the right nutrition in every day.

Most normies eat ''food''. Empty carbs. No nutritional value. They're malnourished. Explains NPC phenomena. They can't think due to a lack of real food.

Give the ancestral food philosophy time to reap its benefits. Eat like a dog. Eat the same things over and over again. Use the same ingredients and prepare it in different ways to keep it fun. First, experiment which specific meats and vegetables work best for yourself.

You can tell a lot if it's working by checking out what you're dropping in the toilet every morning. Should be solid and a swift ordeal. A happy gut is a happy brain.

A happy brain is essential for a healthy movement in the fight against pornographers, globalists and its proxy warriors.

The Mongols had a superior diet relative to European forces in medieval times. Mongols absolutely wrecked back then. And we have a superior diet to Satan's servants. This is key to winning the culture war. Quality food isn't everything but we can't win without it.