How a samurai trolled his way to victory.

How a samurai trolled his way to victory.

Secular men idolize the samurai Miyamoto Musashi. His mindset predominantly inspires men to set up their businesses. There's nothing wrong with that, quite the contrary, I encourage it.

But there's one thing most men are missing from his teachings. It's found in the way he lived during his dueling phase of life.

Musashi was no doubt the most skilled swordsman in 17th-century Japan, perhaps the world at that time. No doubt he was one of the strongest and fastest. He was unusually large as a child. Defeating an adult as a 13-year-old in 1 on 1 combat.

He was unmatched. In physicality and strategy. He suffered no defeats until he died peacefully in his 60s.

Your body and mind should be in their peak state to achieve such a feat but I don't believe his physical superiority made him win every duel. It's because he was a troller. You can adopt his 'troller mindset' to win whatever you please.

Unconventional terror tactics.

His style was highly unconventional. The end of his life was him literally living in a cave and writing one of the most useful military strategies on some scrolls. A normal samurai would wield a katana two-hand and be on time for a dual. Normie samurai was very predictable and mainly concerned with preserving honor.

Musashi wasn't too uptight about this.

He fought like a man but also knew that he can't be predictable. He needed something unconventional to throw his opponent off balance. Musashi used a wooden stick or wield a sword like a kitchen knife with one hand. His most famous tactic was dual-wielding swords.

Imagine seeing a big burly man doing something that was borderline insane according to Japanese custom. At this point, he already won the psychological war. Exactly what happened during his legendary duel with Sasuke Kojiro.

Musashi arrived 3 hours late for his dual with Sasuke Kojiro. The latter threw his scabbard out of rage on the ground. Musashi maximizing his trolling strategy blurted out: If you have no use of that, you're already dead.

What comes next in his strategy is terrifyingly straightforward. Almost nonchalant. Charging like a brute, utilizing pure aggression, he defeated his bitter opponent Kojiro with a blow from his wooden oar. It's disputed whether he struck his head or ribs but it's irrelevant to my point.

Tap into your autism.

You can't expect victory if you're following an artificial template. Neither in combat, business, or even spiritual life. Like Musashi, you should be an absolute autist in whatever you do and find your own style doing it.

It seems like I'm making Musashi out to be an unserious person but he wasn't.

Unconventionality was his weapon of choice. He combined this with respect to the law of nature. Realism, innovation, and a hint of temerity propelled him into legend.

You know what your quirks are. You've got to tap into your inner autist.

I think men live too templated. They want a step-by-step guide for literally anything. Sure, you need to follow basic principles like Musashi but use your unique collection of memories and experiences to carve out a fulfilling life.

Men lose testosterone if they don't tap into their inner troller autist.