How Christians are treated in an Islamic state.

How Christians are treated in an Islamic state.

With Islam trending among adolescents seeking power, it's time to put a light on the history of Islam's treatment of non-Muslims, especially Christians.

This algorithmic push of Islam on social media temporarily fills the desire for camaraderie among godless men.

You see financially accomplished men praising Islam and becoming Muslim because they'd like a religious spin on their lavish lifestyles.

The common argument for Islam is that it serves as an antidote to moral crimes committed by secular nations.

Other common arguments, though fallacious, attract hordes of low-IQ men:

  • Islam is true because it's the last religion.
  • Muslims defend their religion through violence.
  • Rising numbers prove Islam to be true.
  • Scientific miracles in the Quran.
  • Muhammad was the perfect man.
  • Allah is the only monotheistic god.

Muslim marketers often use these one-liners to persuade an ignorant unbeliever to recite the Shahada. (Declaring belief in Islam). It's the only thing you have to say to become a Muslim. Many converts base their conviction on one of the points I mentioned earlier, without reading the Quran or Muhammad's life in the Hadiths.

But if they were to find out how Islam truly treats and have treated non-Muslims, there would be more resistance to reciting the Islamic creed.

In purely Islamic nations, the Muslim is commanded by Allah to fight the unbeliever wherever they might be (Quran 2:191). Presently, not many Muslims adhere to this teaching in practice, but the majority still long for violent jihad like a nostalgic memory.

When a Muslim subjugates an infidel, he is supposed to give him three choices.

  • Convert freely to Islam.
  • Stay Christian or Jew, but pay taxes and become a dhimmi. (Dhimmis were humiliated, denied basic rights and financially burdened until bankrupt.)
  • Refuse both, but face death by execution or war.

One of the first large-scale encounters between Islam and Christianity happened in Spain, or Al-Andalus as it was called under Islamic occupation.

It's one of those historical events diluted by liberal propaganda to highlight how tolerant Islam is. How Jews, Muslims, and Christians can coexist peacefully. Well, they did coexist, but it was nothing like the hippie version contemporary morons preach about.

Christians under real Islam.

In general, Christians in Islamic Spain could participate in much of the social and economic life but were forbidden to proselytize, build new churches or show any displays of Christianity such as crosses or ringing bells.

Christianity was practically non-existent on the surface.

It was expensive and dangerous to be a Christian under real Islam. Christians could only end the daily discrimination and sporadic harassment if they converted to Islam.

Muslims threw poop and rocks at priests who were on their way to a cemetery, according to a contemporary account.

Paul Alvarez, a 9th-century Christian, complained of the 'unbearable tax' Muslims levied on non-Muslims.

Abd al-Rahman, a 10th-century caliph, took a thirteen-year-old Christian boy hostage. Rahman was entranced by the boy's beauty, and so he made sexual advances. The Christian boy rejected him. Rahman was enraged, consequently, the boy was tortured and beheaded.

Just one of many cases of how Christians were treated by a Muslim leader.

The consequences of climbing the ladder in Islam as a non-Muslim.

Islamic law teaches that non-Muslims can't rule over Muslims.

But this wasn't always so because laws have to be enforced to mean anything, as with every law. So there were periods of relaxation in which Jews could enjoy a position of power, as was the case of Samuel ibn Naghrila in the 11th century.

Muslims were fully aware of Islamic law and resented him for his powerful political position. Abu Ishaq referred to Jews as apes and pigs, as written in the Quran (2:63-65; 5:59-60; 7:166).

Abu incited the Muslims of Granada to riot. They were humiliated by a Jew ruling over Muslims. Consequently, 4000 Jews were murdered, and the mob crucified Joseph, the son of Samuel who also held a position of power.

Such is the fate of non-Muslims in an Islamic society if Allah's laws are truly followed.

The End of Islamic Power

Fortunately, Islam holds no real power anymore. There is no caliphate, no jihad armies, and apostate numbers are growing.

But we can't forget that Islam is our enemy. Even if they say some ''based'' things about feminism and Jewish oligarchs.

We owe it to the millions of Christians who were murdered, discriminated against, and humiliated by Muslim hands for centuries.

We must remember what would happen if Islam were given supreme power over other cultures and people. The desire for domination still runs deep in the Muslim psyche. Dominating through force, not rational discourse is their culture.