How Hollywood subverted puritanism.

How Hollywood subverted puritanism.

Christian morals, especially when it comes to sexual behavior have been associated with a puritan mindset.

Puritanical way of thinking is unnecessary and toxic to a healthy young man or woman looking to satisfy their sexual urges. At least in the contemporary meaning of puritanism.

Let's define puritanism and how Hollywood twisted Puritanism to portray Christianity as oppressive.

Puritans were 16th and 17th-century English protestants who wanted to remove the many hats of Catholic doctrine. They wanted a more pure teaching of the gospel and doctrine.

The Protestant reformations were a reaction to Catholic overreach in doctrines which is understandable.

But the Protestants went too far and arbitrarily removed books from the Bible and to this day Protestants are in disagreement over many doctrines.

And here begins the problem. A divided church is a weak church and easy to fall prey to subverters.

I'm not arguing what the true definition is. There isn't one. The context of the term is important. Nowadays it means to hold sex as evil. A shunning of any kind of sexuality. Something Hollywood loves to push.

The original puritans didn't believe sex is inherently bad and actually thought it to be necessary to bond and procreate.

Some protestant puritans believe sex is evil and that the body should be punished for its carnal desires. This sort of extremism leads to degeneracy and has been used to subvert what it means to be Christian.

Take The Witch movie for example. A puritan family is exiled from their village and the father is the extreme type I just mentioned. The daughter rebels against him and becomes a witch dancing nude in the forest.

From one extreme to another.

Haven't you noticed how many times Hollywood produces this theme?

Normies are getting programmed to think that Christianity is the antagonist of freedom and progress. Jewish producers take a fringe heretical version of Christianity to subtly brainwash them into atheism.

They paint Christianity as an archaic and toxic ideology.

That's why the average atheist always states they don't believe in God because bad things happen. A totally ignorant perspective was injected into their brains by Jewish Hollywood producers.

The Handmaid's Tale is another Hollywood fantasy of what it means to be Christian. A series where women are subjected to be brood mothers under a totalitarian ''Christian'' regime.

Can you see how this shapes the thinking process of the average normie?

Isn't it surprising how people, in general, can be indifferent or outright hostile toward any type of religion because of twisting the puritanical mindset?

Your average millennial and Gen Z feminist never stood a chance to understand Christianity. It's all just straw-manning Christianity to justify their false objections toward the Truth.

Even though the intentions of puritans were 'pure'. The cultural consequences have been a disaster centuries later. The arbitrary Christian denominations divide the West for vipers to come in and poison the masses.

We can only stand a chance against globalist subversion under a united church made up of nationalists.