How to survive lust.

How to survive lust.

Your sex drive is a gift from God.

Nothing wrong with having a high sex drive.

It depends on how you use it.

The problem is lusting for porn to get your load off. That's a fake sex drive. You literally conjured up lust from pixels broadcasted by a piece of plastic called a laptop or smartphone.

The problem is also lusting for casual sexual encounters.

Claiming you need to release once in a while to relax and focus is just a coping mechanism.

If you're still at this stage, you haven't appropriately matured.

Another problem is what we define as 'casual'.

This might be unpopular but I must share the truth with you.

Anything outside the sacrament of marriage is a sin like...

  • Friends with benefits
  • Girlfriends/boyfriends
  • One night stands
  • Trying each other out
  • Prostitution (duh)

You might have the best intentions when you start off a long-term relationship.

You might have genuine feelings for someone but you're still leaving the door open to escape when you find someone you feel more in love with.

I'm convinced this cycle of relationship hell is worse than one-night stands because you obliterate your emotional health.

No way to live.

Be in a constant state of prayer.

Where your mind wanders, there you are. Feeding sexual fantasies is for many a loophole to engage in sexual sins without acting on them.

Get rid of this mindset if you're plagued with it.

Yes, it's hard to fully get rid of it. I struggle too. The exception would be sexual thoughts with your husband or wife and being open to procreation.

Otherwise, keep your mind on Lord Jesus Christ.

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