Jewish proxy warriors.

Jewish proxy warriors.

The great internet purge of 2020 opened my eyes to the Jewish hegemony in the online sphere.

Figures like RooshV and E. Michael Jones teach us you can't criticize Jewish control of the media because they prove it by erasing your Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Facebook. Both gentlemen are banned from Youtube of course.

It´s good to speak out against porn, feminism, current thing, etc. But why can't we speak about the people who spark these movements? Who funds them? Oh yeah, you can't say the J word in the context of these topics.

To truly change the culture we need to address who is behind the sickness—not just diagnosing what is wrong.

Let's take feminism:

Feminism can go back to Wollstonecraft in the 18th century. She argued for women's education but its got barely anything to do with mainstreaming feminism in the 60s and 70s. Certainly not with CIA involvement.

Jews have always been founders and leaders of revolutionary movements like communism, bolshevism, the sexual revolution, etc.

Betty Friedan/Goldstein played a leading role in sparking the second wave of feminism. She was active in Marxist and Jewish circles. She led the Women's Strike for Equality which attracted 50.000 women attending in New York City. The largest following for that time.

The main goals were:

  • Free abortion on demand
  • Free childcare
  • Equal opportunity in the workplace

Who can argue with equality? If you do, you're a sexist. We're still in this deadlock where we can't argue against these proxy warriors. Thanks, Goldstein!

Their beloved proxies, homosexuals:

All sexual perversions fall under homosexuality. Transgenderism, pedophilia, zoophilia, and bisexuality among many other mental illnesses.

The Jewish-led media and Fortune 500 are going all in on homo propaganda because the homosexual is the ideal citizen. Here's why:

  • Doesn´t reproduce
  • Narcissistic
  • Easily controlled
  • Slave to Big Pharma
  • Hate normal people

Those in power can't survive a massive revolt of normal people. Homosexuals would never revolt because they're too busy with themselves. Too busy getting meds for AIDS and monkeypox. Too busy indulging in debauchery.

He can use his privilege to shut normal people up if he deems them homophobic. Very useful for the oligarchs and Biden´s overwhelmingly Jewish cabinet.

The horde of migrants:

Demographic change is bad. I know that. You know that.

A weapon to destabilize and alienate the native peoples of the West. Or was it so that otherwise Europe wouldn't survive according to Barbara Spectre? She claimed Europe must import migrants due to aging populations. But wait a minute, who appointed this Jew to decide who will be your neighbor?

Her honesty is admirable despite her blatant hatred of us.

Ocean Viking is an example of a Jewish-funded migrant expedition to bring millions of Africans into Europe. Under the guise of humanitarian aid.

Here's what that means for the West:

  • Rampant criminality
  • Culture rot
  • Dumbing population
  • Housing problems (for you)

You can't criticize them because that would be racist. The Israelis importing Muslim Africans are well aware of the anti-semitic views they hold due to Islamic beliefs. But it's all worth it to destroy Europe.

Honorary mentions:

  • Police
  • Atheists
  • BLM

(Those are a story for another time.)

There is a pattern among the three mentioned proxy warriors. You can't criticize any of them without being censored or prosecuted.

The rabbit hole doesn't really go that deep. It's rather broad. Understand that the Jewish spirit has always been anti-Logos, anti-Christ since they crucified Him.

We must speak out against this Jewish movement. Raise the collective conscience on these matters. Tell a friend and family member. Let it ripple. If we're not allowed to talk freely about this then we will never win the culture war.

You´ll be met with insults, threats, and prosecution but that´s a good thing. They can´t win against the truth.

So let´s pray for the conversion of our enemies.