Jews and sex trafficking.

Jews and sex trafficking.

Two reasons to stop supporting pornography and sexual freedom:

  • The genocide of your own people.
  • Sex trafficking of European children because of Israel.

Sex trafficking in the context of contemporary times is a modern form of slavery. Do not think women and children are solely forced through violence and sheer brutality to keep them in line.


Most of the ''forcing'' happens through insidious ways:

  • Coercion
  • Contract trickery
  • Intimidation
  • Economic factors

The lines between force and free will blur because of the intelligent approach of sex traffickers. Those who are active in Eastern Europe and Israel have a pretty good deal going on.

Oy vey, what's this deal about?

Keep on reading, anon.

First some numbers but very important numbers to comprehend the MASSIVE scale of sex trafficking.

The International Labor Organization claims human trafficking, sexual exploitation, and forced labor enslave 40 million people globally.

71% are women and girls.

25% are children.

Most of us would think of the victims to be women and children. The statistics show a great number of men and boys are being trafficked as well.

Victims forced into porn began on average at the age of 12.8 years old.

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, porn was the third most common form of sex trafficking. (2019 data report)

A substantial amount of them come from countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Moldova.

Ukraine especially has a history of human trafficking:

  • The collapse of the Soviet Union.
  • 2014 color revolution.
  • 2022 invasion of Russia.

So why do Ukraine and Israel have such an intimate relationship in trafficking vulnerable people?

The answer lies in Israel's law and its exploitation of it.

With Israel's Law of Return, it was made easy and exploitable for Israelis to traffick thousands of victims. The law made it easy for Jews without identification to return to Israel.

That's the original intention.

But you can imagine how Jews exploit non-Jews this way, right?

The arriving victims, awaiting a world full of hell and misery would be sold to brothel owners so they could work ''legit''.

Their passports were taken away before arrival so they could exploit Israel's Law of Return.

They were ghosts upon arrival.

Threats, beatings, and rape prevented them from escaping.

Israel is deemed a great ally of the West but has only recently changed its laws on human trafficking.

A 2001 report by the USA, put Israel on the same level in trafficking as Pakistan and Bahrain.

That puts Israel in Tier 3.

On par with third-world countries. Despicable for a so-called beacon of democracy in the Middle East.

Between 2001 and 2005, 3000 to 5000 women were trafficked every year to Israel.

Under the guise of, work, prostitution, and a better life.

The women were systemically raped and their passports were taken from them as I mentioned earlier why.

The US denied non-humanitarian aid to Israel if it continued its practices. In response to this pressure, they finally passed the Anti-Trafficking law in 2006.

Remarkable how it took foreign pressure to stop your slave trade, Israel!

This law is useless because of...

  • 3-month tourist visas.
  • Internal trafficking.
  • Returning victims.

Since 2018, there seems to be a return of trafficking but in a harder-to-track form.

Sex trafficking is defined as a commercial act induced by force, fraud, or coercion. This makes it hard to track real numbers.

Only God knows how big this evil scheme is.

Roughly 117.000 Ukrainians have been exploited between 1991 and 2007. Imagine the scale now since the war started earlier this year.

In one of my Twitter threads, I explained how dozens of women sued Mindgeek for sex trafficking and distributing child pornography.

Let's connect some dots here.

Since the 2022 invasion, there has been a high demand for ''war porn and refugee porn''

It is highly likely that Ukrainian refugees are being beaten, drugged, and threatened to meet these demands.

Pornhub came under fire for promoting porn relating to Ukraine.

These people are the lowest of scum. Profit by any means.

And those means are...

  • Exploiting Europeans.
  • Further deranging its users.
  • Fetishizing child refugees.

High demand causes traffickers to exploit children who are often runaways and social services.

They are easily groomed into a life of pornography.

Thus the connection between porn and sex trafficking. The connection is never direct. Always schemed in a way where it seems the ordeal is consensual.

Obviously, there isn't someone officially counting the people who got trafficked into porn.

Victims usually keep silent because of threats.

Forced because of economic motivations.

Children simply vanish.

Whores are usually whores because of Jewish trickery.

Long read for a newsletter. I know.

But this is important and for the archives so you have something to refer to when a coomer junkie freak wants to debunk your objections against pornography.

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