Lone wolfs will die.

Lone wolfs will die.

The idea of lone wolfing is tempting.

You're only accountable to yourself. You don't need anyone to depend on your survival. Movies depict these badass men lone wolfing their way through post-apocalyptic America or surviving in the Sahara and fighting off assassins in the street of New York City.

I think it's suspicious when Hollywood invests so much in these rugged lone wolf types.

Since the mainstreaming of obscenity in theatres, every Hollywood movie can be considered psychological warfare. But this article is about a much more subtle piece of programming.

Men who don't fall for the beta-type character will be enthralled by the secular masculine type. The best example is James Bond. Bond is fit, jacked, can fight, gets girls and is overall highly capable. He answers to nobody.

But Bond doesn't have family and no God. Bond is a lonely character.

Ironically, his lifestyle is financed by the government. He's rootless. No children. No home.

Many resentful men love the idea of lone wolfing through life like James Bond but in reality, it's just another way to castrate men of real power.

Of course, you must be self-sufficient.

Hollywood just portrays a twisted version of this virtue.

Moving to a cabin in the woods. Cutting off contacts. Getting off the grid. Alone or with your family sounds romantic but weakens your networking capabilities. Thus making you an easy target for globohomo.


I don't like Robert Greene but I think this law is relevant to keep in mind if you're flirting with the idea of abandoning civilization.

Globohomo's most effective strategy is to divide and conquer. They love it when you isolate yourself. COVID lockdowns, video games, porn, tiny houses, shunning marriage.

Those are common psychological weapons but falling for pure individualism is just as deadly.

Men taste a bit of financial success and will abandon their nation and family for a foreign country somewhere on a beach, ''retired''. This is soy behavior.

We must keep our power close. We must make bigger networks. We must help our fellow countrymen. Invest in each other. Not spend our money and power in foreign places if it's only for self-interest.

Our international (((friends))) spread their evil on a global scale. There's nowhere to run and hide.

Rather, make money, have 20 children, make brotherhoods, and gain political power to take back your country from the international clique.

Godspeed, anon.