Multiculturalism destroys everyone.

Multiculturalism destroys everyone.

The desire to mingle with other cultures stems from a lack of self-knowledge and sense of identity. The secularization of the West made Europeans apathetic on discerning foreign cultures.

When you stand for nothing, you don't mind the rape of the society your ancestors built for millennia.

Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.”  Genesis 11:4

We're not meant to just accept other religions and cultures as our own. Some religions fundamentally command to destroy your people, like Islam does.

The Quran is very clear in how to deal with Christians and non-believers in general.

Do not befriend them. But what do we see in their behaviour? They ally themselves with globalist leaders.

They get triggered when you tell them not live next to them, while it's in everyone's interest to live separated. Tell that to a Christian man who's happily married and settled. He does not care. Big difference in attitudes.

The Christian is content in being left alone. He or she wants to follow Christ and live a relatively simple life. But a Muslim, especially brought up in the West, can't handle this rejection.

The Islamic and Jewish mindset.

On the one hand, the Muslim is ordered by the Quran to conquer foreign lands, but deep down he wants the simple Christian life. Especially a Westernized Muslim. You can imagine this causes a bipolar attitude in the Muslim.

This attitude is found in Jews and other foreign cultures who envy the West's prosperity. They can't help themselves but come to Europe or America to live like a parasite and corrupt the beauty of its peoples. For this reason alone, we simply cannot coexist.

They get mad when you don't want to live with foreigners, but they also get mad when you point out that the fundamental beliefs of their religion is to not befriend unbelievers and Christians. Jews also suffer from bipolarity.

So the solution would be a nation for every religion, right?

Yes, absolutely. It's in everyone's interest, but this only works in theory. The truth i.e. Christianity has no problem with this and the defensive nature of the Byzantine's Empire proves this. For almost its entire lifespan, this empire fought on the defensive. Defending against Saracens and later on the Muslims.

The Crusades were a reaction to Islamic aggression. Christianity as a whole isn't interested in expansion by the sword. Contrary to the Islamic and Jewish mindset.

When your religion is false, you'll find ways to spread your beliefs through means of violence, intimidation and subversion.

This is why Jews, Muslims and leftist politically ally themselves against the Christian right-wing. What the formally mentioned have in common is lies. Whether they're conscious of their own deceit or not, they all have this natural tendency to project their filth on what is true.

When they do destroy the good, they will destroy each other. Revolutionary movements are, inherently, revolutionary.

All the nations should follow Jesus Christ to prevent this from happening.

It's the only solution for world peace. Pretending to like each other and ''respect'' foreign beliefs is playing a Cold War. We shouldn't disrespect others by insults, either. Pointing out the fundamental flaws of fake religions will suffice. Let the unbelievers think and come to Christ out of their own will.

Until then, we must be separated. Preferably with big physical barriers between each other, or else we'll all lose our cultural distinctions in the name of cultural diversity.