Pleasure is empty.

Pleasure is empty.

The 3 words that entered my mind at the end of my agnostic phase.

I don't know where it came from but it left a great impression on me. It was a visceral experience. As if God told me: enough.

Whether it was an angel or God, the statement is true. All roads are a dead end if it's not the way of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Politics, philosophies, education, personal lifestyle.

All good things but they will not satisfy you and aren't the absolute truth.

But of course, you should take joy in the good things God created like nature, fellowship, occasional drinks, and good food.

Just remind yourself not to worship creation over the Creator.

Anything worldly you hold dearly like your friends, family, and career can all be taken away by death. You can't take them with you when you stand before God for judgment.

Seeking out a new girlfriend, idolizing the flesh and holidays are distractions from your true purpose. Hedonism like masturbating and casual sex are vicious traps of ''happiness cycles''.

But so is depending on worldly success for happiness. Use your success in the world as fuel to defend your heritage and unapologetically speak the truth of God.

The comforts you seek on a day-to-day basis are owned, founded, or made by Jewish and secular people. Netflix, pornography, the news, video games, and virtually every Hollywood production.

The passion of the Christ.

(Except for movies by Mel Gibson. Mel is based.)

Why would you consume 99% of your content from Jewish people who despise you? Their productions might give you momentary pleasure but leave you empty when you're going to bed, getting ready for your 9-5, or school.

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