The 5 key testosterone boosters.

The 5 key testosterone boosters.

The main reason why men are apathetic towards the evil state of our culture is low testosterone levels.

They simply want to be left alone, play video games all day and order soyburgers from Uber eats or be like the lone wolf.

How childish to think the world works this way.

I'll not be giving you an endless list of foods and supplements to take because they will not tackle the root cause of low testosterone.

But yes, lift heavy, eat meat, eggs and get sunlight.

Now first, get these things straight:

1. Start a holy quest.

Testosterone is the competing hormone. Men are by nature 1000 times more competitive than women. Even the most soy dude wants to win his video game match.

A holy quest is THE most important step to boosting testosterone.

It should be divine in nature. Classic good versus evil tale.

You are the knight on an impossible quest to destroy evil in whatever form it may come. This turns on your competitive instinct.

Why should your body exhaust resources to create T if there's not an epic existential threat undermining your survival?

2. Seek adventure.

Similar to the previous point but different in a way that's tangible. You should always be looking forward to what you're going to explore.

Perhaps visit a new part of your city. Walk to an unexplored town. Map out places you want to see in a new country.

Your brain creates new neural pathways making you more confident in your navigational abilities and increasing confidence overall.

Christopher Columbus understood this.

His curiosity for the unknown made him a gigachad.

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