The OnlyFans generation.

The OnlyFans generation.

Banning pornography is only the beginning. What's worse is the ingrained individualism in young people. The cultural problems are far deeper than men jerking off to porn.

Let's pretend porn is banned the moment you're reading this. Would that fix men and women instantly? Would they automatically repent and follow God? Pornography is like a symptom of cancer. Perhaps not terminal yet but it's getting pretty close.

Feminism led by Jewish Betty Friedan in the 1960s enabled women to operate as an individual. Make her own money. Live life on her own terms. She could do all that long before but at this point it became mainstream.

This façade of individual freedom ironically imprisoned women by taking up the man's responsibilities such as finance and safety.

Typical lifestyle choices of the OnlyFans generation:

  • No plans to start a family.
  • Instant intimacy from Tinder, Bumble, etc.
  • Fornicate with multiple strangers to ''find yourself''.
  • Career hopping.
  • Libertarian views.
  • Rarely cooking meals.
  • Bringing ruins to ruins. (Planning the next trip to visit ancient temples in Thailand for an IG story.)

Being part of this generation doesn't necessarily equate to creating content on OnlyFans. I'm talking about this delusion that women truly believe the bachelor's life to be fulfilling, or men living an MGTOW life.

It's a purely pragmatic worldview. Not necessarily hostile toward religion but certainly not self-sacrificing as is expected in a Christian paradigm.

This is worse than open hostility because it ''justifies'' a spiritual life based on arbitrary morality.

Essentially, it's an exchange of dignity for money.

The average woman, by default, puts her future husband and children in the backseat. An afterthought. Something that 'would be nice' but not necessary for happiness. If she can take care of her cash flow, why would she need a male provider? If her freelance photography gig isn't working, she can be an internet streamer for a gamer audience. Or be a TikTok influencer.

At the very least get an office job to sustain her fleeting lifestyle.

Whatever medium she chooses, it will be based on this age-old transaction: beauty for attention. And the latter usually equates to money if she's savvy enough.

Do all women with an online presence share this mindset? No. There are media professionals out there doing great work. Objective journalism or scientific video essays are fundamentally different from entertainment accounts.

Attention can be harvested from the average workplace—no need for advanced Twitch stream tactics. The means to delay family creation are irrelevant. The end is always the same: sterility.

The egotistic nature of contemporary youth is ingrained. It's laughable to think removing porn or a dating app would put an end to decadent culture. Yes, they should both be banned but making that the focus of your crusade implies a lack of grand strategy.

Culture rot.

Pride is the root of culture rot. Hence, how the OnlyFans generation came to exist. Adolescents live out their entire lives asking: how can it serve me?

Three-quarters of men have a juvenile world perspective despite success in essential parts of life, such as finance or fitness. What is the point of accumulating wealth and power if your underlying motives aren't eternal? Pleasure distracts you for only so long.

Instead, gain in wisdom and stature for the next generations. Generational wealth is extremely endangering for political groups because you'll be difficult to control. They allow you to make a little bit of money but passed down wealth is a big no-no.

This isn't just about money either. How many people do you know who came to possess a stacked library or business network handed down from their parents or grandparents? Maybe some. But virtually no family has a tradition of it.

OnlyFans lifestyle is for the peasants. And you do have a chance to break out of it despite the odds stacked against you.