The signs you're emasculated.

The signs you're emasculated.

Emasculation is a bigger blight on our society than homosexuality or the defilement of women due to Jewish propaganda.


Because masculinity must uphold God's moral laws, masculine men should be the ones unapologetically speaking up against demonic forces and preaching the word of God.

But fail to do that and your nation will fall.

Here are the 5 signs of emasculation:

You hold back speaking your mind

How many times did you lie about what you wanted? Just because you didn't want to offend anybody? It's an unattractive and learned behavior.

You should be honest and straightforward in every conversation. Of course, you shouldn't literally say everything that comes to mind.

But when asked about your beliefs, speak plainly.

You lack purpose

Why do you think atheism, agnosticism, and nihilism are promoted by the Jewish media?

To destroy your higher purpose. To destroy your God-given meaning in life.

Atheism is just another word for emasculation because it robs you of objective purpose.

God has a plan for your life, it's up to you to follow it.

You're insecure

No man should be insecure, especially when you're above the age of 25.

By that time you should know your direction in life and be emotionally grounded.

Most men's insecurity stems from a lack of direction. It's okay if you haven't figured everything out yet, but at least be bold in what you want.

You let yourself go

Going wherever the wind blows is a weakness. This goes against your nature as a man.

It manifests in your attitude toward your health and personal beliefs. If these two aren't your top priorities, you're emasculated.

Be ruthless in your direction in life.

You fear losing your job, friends, and reputation.

No free man should live in fear about the stability of his job. And if you do, ask yourself if it's truly worth staying there. You should keep plenty of options open to feel secure and relaxed.

This applies to your friends as well. Always speak the truth on every matter. If you can't do that, you're wasting your time.

If your 'reputation' suffers because of it, then so be it. Why should you care about your reputation with people who don't share the same values?

In short, emasculation is an assault on men but also on women.

Women are expected to act like men and shun their natural abilities. Men are expected to play along, keep quiet and be good little boys.

Emasculation is in essence the corruption of God's creation.

The antidote for emasculation is biblical masculinity.

Godspeed, fren.