What is a Jew?

What is a Jew?

The biggest issue in politics is category mistakes.

Without addressing exactly what we mean by 'Jew' we'll talk right past each other.

Thanks to Kanye acting as a battering ram, I believe it's vital to keep the momentum going about the Jews.

The momentum to educate the normies on what really happened since the founding of the Federal Reserve and the intro of WWII.

We can discuss questions like:

  • What do we mean by Jews?
  • Did the Holocaust really happen?
  • Why are Jews overrepresented in positions of power?

Let's simplify this by defining what a Jew is in the first place.

The majority of Jews are 'Little Jews'. Not as a derogatory term but to point out that they do not hold any serious power. These Jews can be shopkeepers, accountants, managers, etc.

Usually, just everyday people who can be your neighbor or coworker.

Then there are the Big Jews.

Your Hollywood friends, media owners, bankers, politicians, and lords of pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer.

Not to forget, the ADL, the Jewish inquisitors of speech.

Big Jews, believe it or not, use Little Jews as pawns on a chessboard. Little Jews keep the '''barbaric Palestinians'' out of Israel as soldiers, for example.

Big Jews are the real psychopaths and they hold little to no regard for their fellow Jews.

So are Jews united?

I will not go into detail about the technicalities of the different sects of Judaism. It's irrelevant to the political landscape and how it affects your life.

But it's important to make some distinctions to understand why Jews do what they do. Especially the Big Jews.

What all Jewish sects have in common is the Jewish spirit.

This spirit is a behavior that goes against nature and God's moral law. Anyone can behave according to this spirit because it isn't genetic.

The Jewish spirit first manifested when the Jewish people killed Christ. The ultimate form of the denial of rationality.

Because of this denial, Modern Judaism took shape.

Modern Judaism is different from Old Testament Judaism.

Old Testament Jews were chosen by God to set the stage for our Lord Jesus Christ. To fulfill the Old Covenant and create a new one where there is neither Jew nor Greek. Anyone could be part of the New Covenant if they accept Jesus Christ as God and savior.

Being an Old Testament Jew is an obsolete identity and Modern Judaism i.e. Talmudic Jews are the kind of Jews you see wreaking havoc on nations.

Theoretically, Jews follow the five books of Moses and use the Talmud as a way to interpret scripture. In reality, the Talmud is used to find loopholes in the Torah.

Who knew you could outsmart God if you just use the Talmud!

The Jews who accepted Jesus became Christians, and those who didn't are the Synagogue of Satan.

Look, I don't believe every Jew is a Satanist. Jews have been deceived. Especially the Little Jews. But that doesn't exempt them from doing their due diligence on finding Christ.

The average Jew is a secular atheist who never thought deeply about Judaism or religion in general.

But the Jewish spirit remains the same, the rejection of Christ.

By rejecting Christ, Jews will always be divided, only temporarily united as Big Jews to subvert nations for their own benefit.

In the end, they aren't united. Today's Judaism is inherently a revolutionary movement and revolutionaries always split off.

There isn't a single Jew who can define what Judaism really is.

For example, Ben Shapiro disagrees with 140 Jewish organizations that abortion is a fundamental Jewish religious right. Who is this supposed real Jew to say if he's right?

Judaism is confusion.

Jews are confused.

So what is a Jew then?

A Jew simply rejects the Messiah.

And by rejecting Him, they will forever project their guilt on us, the little people, because they have no way of repenting of their sins.

We must call them out on this so that all Jews can return to their Lord Jesus Christ and we can hopefully live in peace together.

Pray for them, anon!