What makes a religion true?

What makes a religion true?

Bad reasons to be religious are life-threatening.

Even Christians such as myself can believe but for the wrong reasons. This is bad because it would take very little to destroy your beliefs.

You need to understand what you believe. Your religion is your operating system. Especially if you want to spread your convictions to others. Convincing others makes it easier if you understand the basic theology of the main religions.

Besides knowing your theology there are the logical fallacies:

  • You're born an atheist, thus atheism is true.
  • Islam is true because it's anti-woke.
  • No real European can follow a Jewish God.
  • Christianity is false because it's from the desert.
  • I'm Christian because I feel it's true.

How many times have you heard these fallacies?

Your operating system is built like a house of cards without considering the list below:

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